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Joseph Langen purchased the site of today's hotel – economically he was widely active. . He built a ‘Obstkraut’ factory, and traded with coals, crops, salt, and homegrown wine, which was served in a small dining room.


Wilhelm Langen inherited the inn and built a dance hall with a stage , a parquet bowling alley and had new vineyards created .


Karl Langen took over the inn . He built the first guest rooms with his wife Maria and ran a small grocery store in the house. The inn still existed after World War 2. but was , intended to be sold in the mid-fifties .


Josef Langen carried on his father’s business with his wife Erika and expanded it annually. They gave up the other lines of business and solely concentrated on gastronomy. 1980 a new guest house with 20 guest rooms was built next to the old building.


Klaus Langen and his wife Elke took over the hotel. They built a new dining room in 1995 which is used as a breakfast room and for festivities. The hotel was further expanded beginning in 2000 when two apartments were built, which where awarded 3 Stars by the hotel and restaurant association. Annual upgrades like the modernization of the bar area, the restaurant, and the hotel rooms , make the hotel family-friendly and modern.


Klaus and Elke Langen are managing one of the oldest family businesses at the lower Moselle in the fifth generation. Meanwhile, the sixth generation is already preparing to take over.